Thursday, May 31, 2018

Thoughts on Self care

Lets talk about self care, shall we?

Lately posts about self care have been catching my eye. Getting massages, getting your nails done, facials, carving out time by yourself to go dip into barton springs or go on a hike.  

These are all wonderful things to do for yourself! I hope we all get to do some of these every once in a while!
However, I think if we look at these things as self-care, the thought of caring for ourselves could feel so unattainable for most of us, that we'll just give up! ... Or I know I will. 

So I've been working on an ongoing list in my head this week of how to care for myself in a busy life, one with baseball practice and piano lessons, doctor appointments and sick days, all while working a 40+ hour week.  I would love your input! What do you do to care for yourself in a busy life on a budget?

Here is my list so far:
1. Drink Water ALL day, making sure to hit your 8 of 8.
2. Pack everyone's lunches the night before, assuring that there will be no frazzled yelling at your loved-ones in the morning.
3. Set your alarm clock for 20 minutes earlier in the morning; giving yourself time to shower, blowdry your hair and put on makeup, BEFORE everyone else wakes up and starts calling your name 20 times a minute. 
4. Before climbing into bed at night turn on a quick Yoga with Adriene youtube video (I strongly suggest 'yoga for a broken heart' ... even if you don't have a broken heart right now. It's only 23 minutes!)
5. Purchase that book you've been meaning to read on Audible ('The power of Now' maybe?). Turn off the news while in traffic! listen to your book and take deep breaths, the world will be ok without you, take your car time for yourself.
6. Empty out your coin jar and treat yourself to Juiceland on your lunch-break. Your body will always thank you for more veggies.

Life is busy for everyone. But I'm especially looking at you Mamas on a budget.  
If you are like me, you often laugh... that evil, angry laugh when people talk about self care, because HAHA! Jogging around the lake on a wednesday? Really? Who has time for that?  
But I think that's because our concept of caring for our selves needs to change. Let's reign it in. Let's care for ourselves in all the small decisions we make during the day - THAT is real self- care. 
Turning off netflix and getting into bed at 10pm. 
Choosing water instead of the cup of coffee.  
Spending 15 minutes of quality time on the floor with your kids playing blocks, instead of cleaning the house before dinner. 
Choosing to eat at home, instead of spending out.

Caring for ourselves sometimes can be luxurious! And that feels so special!
But I think when we think of self-care, we shouldn't think of those luxurious moments, like manis and pedis, we should be thinking of the little moments in our life, and how to take care of our bodies and minds in those moments.  Maybe it's a moment where french fries really is best! But I think in order to self-care we have to slow down, listen to our bodies and take deep breaths.

AND no matter what! not judge what others are doing to care for themselves! (I'm pointing the finger at myself here!).
Clear eyes, full hearts y'all.


  1. Thank you for the reminder Annie! I love your list.

  2. This is a great list. There are so many ways to take care of ourselves that aren't your typical hair-did, manicured self-care (which I was never any good at). It's nice to splurge every once in a while. But I love the idea of splurging on juice for my body and going to bed earlier. I always think I will feel better if I do something for my outsides when really I need wayyyyy more stuffs for my insides. Thanks for the reminder Andrea. Love!


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